Civil Solutions International, Inc.

Counter Insurgency by means of Civil Affairs


Developing alternative productive livelihoods that promote positive change

CSI applies its expertise in “soft skills” stability measures such as “Civil Affairs” in certain areas of unrest because it allows a more effective counter insurgency operation to occur. This operation will help create alternate livelihoods (jobs and careers) for the key demographic group of 15 – 35 year old males. Targeting this group of people will help to reduce the number of individuals willing to assist extremists in support of terrorism, piracy, and criminal activity.

The CSI team will work directly with the client to recommend a model for the alternate livelihood project. Our experts will be dispatched to assess the area’s economy, resources, and opportunities and develop the model for creating jobs. We will also work on the economic projections that new growth will add to the local economy. All these tasks will legitimize the client’s positive role in the region and help generate economic sustaining tax revenue for long-term infrastructure and government services.