Civil Solutions International, Inc.

Disaster Mitigation - Pre & Post conflict Civil Consequence Management


Providing actionable preplanning as well as response plans for natural disasters and conflict.

The list of disasters are endless…The Indian Ocean tsunami, flooding in Pakistan, Gulf oil spill, typhoon in the Philippines, earthquakes in both Haiti and Japan, and the ongoing uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East…

Natural and man-made disasters can happen anywhere and at any time. Often there is little or no preparation from governments or commercial enterprises in anticipation of such events and therefore, no quick relief once they occur.

Before a disaster strikes, the CSI team is there to help governments train a Civil Consequence Management Team (CCMT) to mitigate the effects of a possible event. Post disaster, CSI can deploy Civil Consequence Quick Reaction Team’s (CCQRT’s) to focus on helping the government coordinate relief efforts to adequately meet the needs of those most affected by the disaster.