Civil Solutions International, Inc.

Disaster Relief Coordination (DRC)


Taking International relief efforts and maximizing their impact through logistical support and coordination

When an underdeveloped country is stricken by a disaster it may not have the resources to provide their populace with basic necessities. Even in some developed areas, there still may be shortfalls of key supplies. As the need is communicated to the region and internationally, it is common to see substantial relief provided by other nations and charitable organizations. Once aid supplies arrive they need to be collected at a rendezvous point, usually a seaport or airport. In many cases, just getting relief shipments to a logical, properly supported rendezvous point is where the challenge begins. When infrastructures are incapacitated, marginally effective, or non-existent, it is difficult for local governments or organizations to coordinate a plan of action for where and when to ship relief supplies and what is to be done with these relief items upon arrival.

CSI’s Civil Affairs experts will work with the host nation and our clients to coordinate disaster relief. We will create and synchronize a plan for shipment, centralized receipt, and proper distribution of the full range of relief supplies including shelters, rations, field hospitals, medical supplies, search and rescue teams, etc. and ensure that they are sent to the area’s and populations where they are needed.