Civil Solutions International, Inc.

Humanitarian Assistance (HA)


Coordination and distribution plans for the most urgent humanitarian needs… food, water and medicine.

Local and global responses to disaster are often generous and well meaning. Even with the best intentions, there have been many instances where relief items (food, water, medicine, and clothing) were delayed in storage after their arrival to the host region. This delay is created because there is no coordination of resources for storage, inventory, transportation, and delivery of these supplies to the relief victims. When the relief items encounter delays; items may perish due to extreme heat, become lost or stolen, get misappropriated, or at times they may be taken and sold on the local black-market.

To maximize the positive impact of these critical supplies, CSI’s Civil Affairs experts will work onsite to directly and effectively coordinate the Humanitarian Assistance (HA). Our role in Humanitarian Assistance (HA) is to act as the bridge between the government support and the civilian populace. The goal is to ensure that the Humanitarian Assistance provided by the regional and international community is delivered to the designated relief victims without delay and with minimal loss.