Civil Solutions International, Inc.

NGO Coordination


Reducing tension by creating confidence and demonstrating a plan for success

During a disaster, a Nation’s Government will need the compliance of the local populace to end the situation quickly and peacefully. To have compliance the local populace must have faith that their government is doing everything in its power to mediate the disaster and provide them with the necessary services to survive.

Nation’s that are unable to provide basic services to their citizens often allow NGO’s to assist and provide the services that they cannot. Using NGO’s requires coordination and sound planning. If not, there may be situations where dozens of NGO’s are operating without the awareness of the Host Nations Government. Proper management of NGO’s can be life-saving, maximizes the effectiveness of each service and will provide a sense of legitimacy and good governance for the Host Nation.

The experts at CSI will take inventory of all the NGO’s operating within the Host Nation borders, identify their key specialties, and then logistically guide them to locations where they will be the most beneficial. CSI will act as a bridge between each NGO and the Host Nation. The CSI team will work to ensure that the HN knows the location of each NGO operation, and we will verify that the NGO’s are providing services to ensure that the immediate needs of the local populace are satisfied.