Civil Solutions International, Inc.

Populace/Resource control (PRC)


The benefits of integrating local labor and resources

CSI Civil Affairs operators are trained to maximize the stabilization effort by identifying the proper human and natural resources that can be found in an area stricken by civil strife. Most stability operations often overlook the value that could be added by utilizing the manpower and skills already provided by the local populace.

While it may appear efficient bringing in foreign contractors with outside equipment and supplies, this stabilization method often fails because the money for high cost contractors depletes projects funds before the project has been completed.

CSI will work with our clients to identify the required resources for reconstruction efforts. When particular required job skill sets are not available locally, then CSI will identify sources and outside organizations to complete those tasks. However, whenever practical, we will utilize local manpower & local resources in the stabilization effort. What local people build, local people value.

Throughout the entire process CSI’s Project Managers and Mentors monitor every phase to ensure project budgets are kept in line and that the work promised is being completed on time and as specified.