Civil Solutions International, Inc.

CSI Training Unit (CTU)


CTU was created for organizations, corporations, and governments who would like to better train their own organizations in effective Civil Affairs Methods and Outreach Programs.

In our volatile world, there is an increasing demand for Civil Affairs Operators. The pace of demand to train new operators through training classes and training facilities is beyond current public sector capacity. The CTU team at CSI provides low cost options that are tailored to specifically fill these gaps.

Our unique blend of expertise makes us the pre-eminent resource for Civil Affairs, Peace Keeping and Outreach training. Our mission is to provide our clients with a wide range of cost-effective and practical training applications in both theory and hands on instruction. Our trainers can prepare both the public and the private sectors practicing in the art of Civil Affairs and Soft Power solutions.

CSI offers a comprehensive training portfolio that spans the entire Civil Affairs / Stability Operations lifecycle. Our unique approach to stability training shows how multiple organizations can work together and connect stability practices with the people who require civil solutions to achieve a positive outcome for all affected parties.