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CSI offers exciting and challenging career opportunities in multiple professional areas. We recruit highly qualified and highly skilled personnel that include private sector, U.S. military, and law enforcement professionals. The staff of CSI is looking for individuals that are of the highest caliber; accountability, integrity, and professionalism.

Our employees enjoy working in an environment that is filled with highly motivated individuals who are dedicated to maintaining a productive and cohesive work environment.

We hire exceptional people and invest time and resources toward their career growth and personal development. CSI promotes a culture of continuous learning, thoughtfully designed to enable employees to grow their personal capabilities and reach their full potential. We will help to assist in your education, provide access to experienced colleagues and offer you an opportunity to work with intelligent, dedicated people who will also challenge you to grow.

Our services are needed and provided around the globe giving our employees a literal world of experience. Your CSI opportunities are defined, in part, by world events, the emerging support service needs of our businesses and the needs of our customers and clients from all around the world. As a result, we will go to where the opportunities take us and provide the services needed, offering you a unique opportunity to make a long term difference in the lives of people in most need. If you find that idea fulfilling and exciting, get ready for the challenge and opportunity of a lifetime.

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